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Shooting for alpaca STARS in fleece and conformation!

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Foundation Huacaya Alpacas

Open (Female)

Stellar Producer Out of Houdini!
Open (Female) 9 yrs White Proven
Dam of Nat' Supreme Champion, Ganymede!
Open (Female) 11 yrs White Proven
Top EPD’s & CH Producer! 3-in-1
Open (Female) 5 yrs White Proven
LOVE this Girl! Out of Best of the Best
Open (Female) 2 yrs White
Ganymede & Dreamy Have Done It Again!
Open (Female) Under 1 yr White
100% SM Genetics - Loro Piana G’dtr!
Open (Female) 2 yrs Medium Fawn
Zagato Dtr! Multi-CH Sire & Dam
Open (Female) Under 1 yr Light Fawn
Ganymede Daughter & Matrix G'Dtr!
Open (Female) Under 1 yr Medium Fawn
Open (Female) Under 1 yr Light Fawn
Ganymede x Venus = Phenomenal!
Open (Female) 1 yr White
Houdini G’dtr! Fineness & Uniformity
Open (Female) 1 yr White
Out of GANYMEDE & Elite Maximus Dam!
Open (Female) 2 yrs White
Her Heritage is Alpaca Royalty!
Open (Female) 1 yr Light Fawn