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Home of GANYMEDE! 2017 AOA Natl Supreme Champion!

Store Info!
Our farm store is open by chance or appointment, but we also have regular store hours most Saturdays from 11 AM - 2 PM. Just pop over or give us a quick call to confirm. The store is in the Cottage located at 16000 Johns Creek Rd. 540.309.8388

Farm Tours!
Tours are available. Please see "Services" tab to left on this page.

Show News!
We are pleased to announce that all 5 of the alpacas we took to the VAOBA Expo & Derby on November 21-22 placed first in their halter classes. Three of the five won Champion or Reserve Champion placings! 4 of the 5 are get of Ganymede!

MMFA has refined its focus to specializing in fawn, light and white alpacas, so now is your chance to purchase any of our quality alpacas with darker color genetics at a very reasonable price.


Farm Store Open & Airbnb Coming Soon!

4X JC & 12X Banners - Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede
Beautiful John's Creek Valley, Craig Co., VA

'18 CAC Champ! Man in the Moon's Prometheus

Oh, the Life!

It’s HERE! Our farm store is now open by appointment, and we are now offering farm tours! Our AirBnB-style cottage will officially open Spring 2021!

So...people always ask us "why alpacas?" The truth is that we considered all kinds of livestock -- many with a much more obvious and conventional business operation and revenue stream. But -- we wanted MORE -- we wanted something we could interact with every day. We wanted something that would bring joy and passion. We wanted something that could occupy some of our time and in some small way even give us a reason for being!

When he "retired" in Fall 2011, Mark needed something to do. Brenda was fully engaged in architectural practice, and didn't have plans to retire any time soon. Sooo, he needed something to not only occupy his time, but something that gave him a reason to get up in the morning! Mark had always wanted to introduce livestock to the farm, and now he had the time to do it. He researched everything from cattle to pigs -- all of which Brenda wasn't too thrilled about.

In ongoing conversations, Brenda reminded Mark about those "very cool" alpacas he had seen at a "Farm Days" event that was held at Virginia Tech around 1999. Due to business travel, Brenda hadn't been able to go, but she clearly remembered the excitement Mark showed in telling her about these very cool creatures. (Brenda didn't even know what an alpaca was and had to look them up on the internet.) Anyway, Mark had touted that they were apparently very intelligent, sustainable, light on the land, hypoallergenic, that their fiber was akin to cashmere, and that they were "pilers," along with many other cool features.

Though, initially, Mark thought Brenda to be a bit crazy, Brenda talked him into starting a journey of researching alpacas to see if a viable business plan could be made. Soon they were off to visit dozens of farms, a live auction at Magical Farms, and the VAOBA Show. They found that lots of alpaca farms were thriving. They found alpaca people to be from all walks of life, and warm and welcoming. They fell in love with the alpacas, and the people with alpacas.

The alpacas have truly brought us joy, passion, and stress relief. Yes, stress relief! Through our alpacas, we have slowly built a business that will continue to supplement our income when Brenda finally "retires."

Whether you're looking for your starter herd or wanting to add to your existing herd, Mark and Brenda are committed to helping you choose alpacas to meet your goals and objectives -- be it for pet, fiber, or show -- and to support you in your own alpaca journey.

We are approximately 35 miles west of Roanoke, VA and 35 miles north of Blacksburg, VA, home of Virginia Tech. Also ask us about a farm tour (by appointment only). Farm tours will start and end at our farm store located at 16000 Johns Creek Road. Please call us at 540.309.8388 or send us an email

Standard industry contracts are used. Breeding quality alpacas come with reproductive and live birth guarantees. You may take possession of your alpacas once the down payment is received and the “contract for purchase” signed by both parties. Transfer of ownership with ARI will not occur until full payment is received.

Financing is available with 25 - 33% down, with up to 24 monthly payments. Buyer must purchase full mortality insurance for alpaca and offspring, if any, naming Man in the Moon Farm LLC as beneficiary on balance due until paid in full. For individual purchases over $3000, significant discount for cash sales paid in 30 days. Special pricing often available for multiple alpaca purchases. Transportation responsibility of buyer.

AUCTION & PACKAGED DEAL OFFERS: These are cash only unless different arrangements are made up front. No other discounts apply unless negotiated otherwise.