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Shooting for alpaca STARS in fleece and conformation!

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Alpaca Farm Tour

Meet the Alpacas!

$12/person for regular tours (3 person minimum) $10/person for group of 4 or more (family discounts available) $5/person for school group tours (8 person minimum) By appointment only. Payment through Square. Call us or email us to set up your tour! 540-309-8388. Please leave a message and we'll call you back.

Curious about alpacas? Want to get up close and personal? Join us for a farm tour and you'll be able to do just that! Our approximately 45 minute guided farm tour will start and end at the Man in the Moon Farm Store where you can also see many of the types of products made from alpaca fiber.

You will learn the answer to these questions and more:
- Where are alpacas from and how did they get to the United States?
- What are some of the unique features of alpacas?
- Do they spit at people?
- What do they eat?
- What is their fiber used to produce?
- How does their fiber differ from typical wool and what are the unique properties of alpaca fiber?
- How many months does it take for a cria (baby alpaca) to be born?

Terms Of Service
Man in the Moon Farm LLC accepts no liability for agritourism related accidents. A release of liability form must be signed for participation in this activity.