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What's so Special About Alpaca Fleece?

Alpaca fleece is often compared to cashmere wool, and it is recognized for its fineness, softness, lighter weight but warmer thermal properties, its durability, and its finer grades are thought to be hypo-allergenic. Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fiber has no lanolin, and can be spun and processed after only nominal cleaning.

Soft, luxurious alpaca fiber available. We offer full skirted blankets shorn straight from the high quality alpacas on our farm. Whether you're looking for something to dye, or natural color, we have it covered. If you are looking for something in particular, we have fiber sorted by color and grade, from $12 - $40 per pound. Carded fiber batts and rovings also available starting at $3 per oz.

In addition to natural raw fiber, carded batts and rovings, we are now also offering hand dyed alpaca fiber, which can be batched and processed at your request -- do you have special colors, fiber grades, or other needs? We can likely produce it in a quantity that best suits you. Please inquire about special order products.