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Cria will be full sibling to Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede
Sire of Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede

Dam of Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede

Bianca X 2AF Peruvian Zeus In Utero!

Full Sibling to Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede

D.O.B. 9/15/2018  (Under 1 yr)

Huacaya, Female,

Full Peruvian
Sire: 2AF Peruvian Zeus | ARI# 32218312  | Medium Fawn |
Dam: Fortunato's Ali-Accoyo Bianca | ARI# 31570336  | White 

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Yes, we are willing to pre-sell Bianca's next offspring! This will be a full sibling to Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede...Once this cria is born, it's very likely to be offered at a much higher price, or possibly end up not for sale at all. Don't miss this opportunity to lock in the next offspring of a proven pairing that produced the 2017 AOA National Supreme Light Male Champion (Ganymede garnered banners in every one of his last 12 shows, plus 4 Judge's Choice banners)! If you don't already know Ganymede, you haven't been paying attention. Please go here: to look at his webpage!

The genetics are all there for another magical cria -- see details of Ganymede's skin biopsy on his page. Dr. Evans indicated that it's likely that the high degree of uniformity came from his dam, Bianca. His sire has produced numerous multi-champs and two JC males -- one in white, and one in brown. The odds are in your favor -- not much risk here other than waiting too long and missing this opportunity.

We had to fill in a sex in order to list this; however, we obviously have no idea if this offspring will be male or female, nor the color, though we strongly suspect it will be white. Bianca was bred to 2AF Peruvian Zeus on 9/29/2017 and ultrasounded positive on 12/6/2017. This is one greatly anticipated cria -- whatever the sex or color!

Price includes a healthy cria guarantee. It also includes agistment until weaned -- 6 months or 60 pounds, and a month following weaning to make sure the new little guy or gal is well adjusted prior to leaving the farm.

New owner will purchase insurance or self insure as soon as cria is eligible (MMFA will obtain Igg and vet certificate for this purpose).


Herdsire, Man in the Moon's Peruvian Ganymede, awards:
2017 AOA NATIONAL LIGHT MALE SUPREME CHAMPION - Judges Amanda VandenBosh, Jill MacLeod & David Barboza
2017 AOA National Invited Color Champion + First Place, White Male - Judges Amanda VandenBosh & Jill MacLeod
Judge's Choice 2017 Carolina Alpaca Celebration - Judges Diana Timmerman & Amanda VandenBosh
Judge's Choice 2017 TxOLAN Spectacular - Judges Amanda Vandenbosh & Kathy Klay
Best Bred & Owned + 1st Place 2017 PAOBA Breeders Showcase males - Judge Jude Anderson + Robin Nasseman
Judge's Choice 2016 PAOBA Breeders Showcase - Judges Jill MacLeod & Diana Timmerman
Color Champion + 1st Place 2017 Royal Alpaca Challenge - ,white yearling male - Judge Kristin Buhrmann
Color Champion + 1st Place 2017 Carolina Alpaca Celebration - white male - Judge Diana Timmerman
Color Champion + 1st Place 2017 TxOLAN Spectacular - white male - Judge Amanda VandenBosh
Color Champion + 1st Place 2016 PAOBA Breeders Showcase - white male - Judge Jill MacLeod
Color Champion + 1st Place 2016 VAOBA Breeders Showcase - white male - Judge Diana Timmerman
Color Champion + 1st Place 2016 Empire Extravaganza - light males + beige yearling male - Judge Helen Testa
Color Champion + 1st Place 2016 NEAOBA Fall Spectacular - light males + beige yearling male - Judge Jude Anderson
Color Champion + 1st Place 2016 Heart of Virginia - white male - Judge Wade Gease
Reserve Champion + 2nd Place 2016 Royal Alpaca Progeny - white male yearling - Judge Sara Jane McClellan
1st Place 2016 AOA Nationals - beige juvenile male Level V - 1 of 12 - Judge Kristin Buhrmann
3rd Place 2016 Carolina Alpaca Celebration - white juvenile male Level IV (his 1/2 brother took 1st) - 3 of 9 - Judge Amanda VandenBoch
3rd Place 2016 Southern Select - white juvenile male - 3 of 10 - Judge Kristen Berman
Ganymede is an incredible package and he was very competitive in the most difficult Spring 2016 white juvie male class despite his late shearing. Each time he's shown, he's gotten the attention of the judge. He is one that pops out in the crowd...upon close examination, he has it all -- extreme uniformity, brightness, fineness, density, etc. carrying down into his belly, legs, head.
In his 3rd place wins, both judges were thrilled with his fleece character and uniformity, as well as his outstanding conformation (very typey overall), and stated that the males above him had slightly finer micron; however, Ganymede's genetics put him on a trajectory of LASTING FINENESS, as evidenced by his 2016 fleece stats!
50% down payment required upon signing of contract. 50% due upon delivery of cria Igg and veterinary certificate.

Updated 1/14/2018